Did you collect trading cards as a kid? Wish you still had that shiny Charizard you’ve heard tall tales about being worth anything between ninety and nine million pounds? Or maybe you still collect them? Or maybe you play the online TCG version? Or maybe, just maybe, you just like Pokémon? Well you’re in good company.

Here at Pokéscents we love all things trading cards and one day we thought ‘you know what’d be cool? If I had a Pokémon card hanging from my rearview mirror.’ And then thought one step further and thought it’d be wicked awesome if it smelled great too. So Pokéscents have created a selection of trading card air fresheners for you to hang wherever you like.

Sadly, we’ve not got every trading card from your childhood, but we think we’ve got the best and most popular, for sure. As well as the “big three” and all their evolutions, we’ve also got the excellent Surfing Pikachu, some lovely pink little ones and the ever-so-scary Gengar. Whether buying for yourself or a small present for someone else, you’re sure to love it!

You may be wondering why the characters have funky names and not the ones you’re used to, right? Well, that’s because Pokéscents is a very teeny tiny little company (for now, at least – who knows where we’ll end up?), and we don’t want to get sued by Pokémon or Nintendo or whoever else might not be so happy about us using their intellectual property to name our items. Don’t worry though, all our air fresheners are printed with the names you’re familiar with are so close to the original cards that you won’t even notice. And they smell great!

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A don’t forget all shipping to UK addresses is completely free of charge.