Electric Mouse Trading Card Air Freshener

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Perhaps the most famous electric mouse of all time, and here he is riding the waves on a surfboard after using HM03 to learn Surf. And it's not just any card either - it's from the Black Star Promotional set. Best of all? It smells like Citrus.


  • Offers a clean Citrus Pokéscent
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Can be hung freely from objects
  • Perfect for use in your car
  • Elasticated string pre-attached


Keep your car, home or office smelling fresh with the Electric Mouse Air Freshener from Pokéscents. With this brilliant car accessory, you can bring a fresh new smell to any space. It features an elasticated string fitted to the top so it can be hung freely from objects. It will fit perfect in any area and will offer a long-lasting fragrance.

Everyday life can leave our cars in need of a little help to battle bad smells that can build up. Whether the unpleasant odour is caused by food or drink spillages, a beloved pet or family life, Pokéscents trading card air fresheners effectively neutralise smells and can help keep your car smelling fresh and clean for longer. A familiar and pleasant scent can also help you relax and enjoy your journey. Plus, the added benefit of it resembling an awesome retro trading card can be a welcome conversation starter for those awkward carshare journeys.

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